I Am The One



I am the one-

by Tamara Bernadette


“Why does it keep happening? Why do I keep getting attacked when I am doing so well in my stand? Why is there no sign that you are doing anything on my behalf? Why is it always a struggle to get you to answer my prayers?”

Have you ever asked those questions in moments of despair? I have. Sadly, it’s happened a lot. I say that because you’d think by now, a “seasoned Christian” I’d understand what’s going on and why it takes so long for the promises to come to pass. You’d think I had it all figured out. Well, I don’t. I have good days, but the bad says still hit me out of the blue and it knocks me down a notch. I don’t have the childish fits I used to but I still have my moments of asking why and when.

To be honest, I don’t know how others have made it through long periods of waiting. I don’t know anyone personally so that is why it gets to me at times. I am the one.

Do you ever feel “I am the one?” You don’t know anybody who is going through what you are going through. And yet, you know you have to keep on this path given to you. You know it is to make a difference, somehow, not quite sure how. but you know it to be true. You may have entertained ideas that seem one way. All your thoughts lead you to confirm that to be so, only to realize that God has other plans for your outcome.

Maybe you have even had dreams that seem to confirm your thoughts. You find scriptures that also seem to confirm you are right. But again, you find it is not the case.

People pray with you, stand with you, lift you up and believe with you. But it isn’t what you thought.

One day, out of nowhere you get a clear vision of what God is doing. You already know the end because he tells you at the beginning. The issue isn’t the promise. The issue is the in-between time while waiting for the promise. Then the questions; what to do, because we got to be doing something, right? When will it happen because I am ready to get to it? Who is this for, what purpose?  And the biggest question, where are You, Lord? Like the Lord gave you this big promise and gets you all excited, you’re ready to go and poof, he’s gone. You are left to figure it all out on your own. So you think.

Jesus said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” It feels like you are alone in one of the toughest times of your life. You talk to friends, family, counselor and they think you are going too far. They may even tell you,”Jesus would never do that. Jesus would never put you in that kind of situation. Jesus wouldn’t take that away from you. He wouldn’t have you go there or allow you to lose your job, money, home or move you away from your family. He wouldn’t take away all that you knew that was good for you. He just wouldn’t do that.” But you know he would because it happened to you. “So, quit. It’s too much. He understands.” And then you realize you are the one he chose for this particular job.

You are the one. He chose you to go through the wilderness for a higher purpose that will leave you with next to nothing. Your time out there is longer than anything you have ever experienced. Lonelier than you ever thought or imagined. Cut off from most things we take for granted, and your circles get smaller every day. And you cry out to Jesus. You wonder if you heard him correctly. Are your friends and family right? Was I confused and possibly interpreted his message wrong? Maybe he didn’t call me to do this thing, you wonder. But something in your spirit tells you that you were chosen to do this and it is something you are doing alone. Just you and Jesus. He’s with you, always. He is the one who you need to talk to and believe he is right there with you, even if you don’t feel it nor understand. All he asks is that we trust and believe him above all else. He will direct your steps. He is the one who will comfort you in your time of need. He will calm your anxious heart. He will help you to keep standing when you are feeling weak. It is he and he alone who will do this and take you all the way to the finish line of the promise.

Remember, he gave the vision and the promise to you for your destiny. Not somebody else. He gave that one to you. So if someone asks you, you can answer with certainty, “yes, I am the one.’




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