Pretty is what Pretty does

Pretty is what Pretty does

By: Tamara | June 07, 2016 06:19 PM

New You Starts From Within 
Makeup brushes. They’re recommended for the best in makeup application. I was a makeup artist for 18 years. I picked up many different types of brushes, sponges, and tips to improve my knowledge and skills as an artist. I invested time and great effort in learning all I could on how to apply makeup correctly and skillfully to achieve the best results. Each brush is made for a specific use and purpose. So, I picked them up along the years, one by one until I had all the tools of the trade that gave me what I needed to be the best makeup artist I could be.

As an artist, I was able to help women to bring out their best look. Maybe it was to enhance their eyes,  shape the face with reshaped eyebrows, a softer lip, or a fuller lip. Maybe it was to even out their skin tone. Sometimes it was just a new look; a makeover for the new season. What they wanted was to put their best face forward with makeup. I could do that. I could help them achieve that on their own, too. But what about the inner person?
We put on our makeup to prepare for the day, right? But what do we do to prepare our inner self? We look in the mirror to check to see that our makeup and hair is in the right place.  But what do we do to for our inner self? What about the self that interacts with the world around us? What about the people we are going to be influencing even at the checkout stand. What is your love level?
That may sound nuts to some, but that isn’t all there is to you. Have you heard the saying, “Pretty is as Pretty Does?” What if you have not filled your inner self with the love of God, how do you think your day will be? Who will be your Guide? What voice will you be following?What will you be expressing from your spirit? Just because you “look” good outside doesn’t mean all is pretty inside.
That’s why we need to connect with the true Love source: Jesus. He teaches us all things and gives us examples and tools to help us. We cannot do this alone. We are faced with challenges every day and we need to pull from a strength that is bigger than us. The one who is all wise and loving: Jesus.
He gives us tools. He gives us character builders such as kindness. Kindness is a tool that touches the heart and heals. People are starving for someone to show them a little bit of kindness. Think about it. We see pain everywhere. We hear about people feeling invisible, unloved or don’t matter. What usually happens is they will act out in a manner that is unpleasant. They do this because they are screaming to be noticed, which causes people to want to stay away even more. But a genuine, kind gesture toward that person will influence their day in a positive way. Kindness: One of the character traits Jesus has for us to use. A tool for our benefit to show love as He would.
So before you walk out that door and begin your day, check yourself from the inside out. Then ask if you have your tools in place and your character is in check? Did you invest time in your spirit? Attitude good? Ready to make a difference in someone’s day? Okay. You are ready for today. Make it a great one. 
God Bless. 

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