Word for the day is: Consistent

Word for the day is: Consistent

by Tamara Bernadette

As I was talking to the Lord this morning,¬† I asked Him what did I need to do to change my situation? What did he want from me? It had been a long time of working on myself. I have been¬†thinking on¬†the promises, believing with expectation, obedience¬†and trusting his word. I had come to a wall with questions while you want from me? What am I missing?” I kept asking the same thing over and over again. It wasn’t long before a thought came to my mind. It didn’t come from me, and I knew it was from the Lord, but I wasn’t pleased with it.

Confusion swirled around in my head. “What’s wrong, Lord?” I asked. “What is it that “Consistent? What do you mean consistent?” I asked. “Afterall I have done, given up, obeyed against all odds and you say consistent?” That not only didn’t sit well with me but it made no sense. I spent several years doing things as the Lord had called me to do, so why would he say this to me?

¬†I sat on that all day. I tried to brush it off as my imagination and not a message for me to pay attention to. But the more it swirled, the more I felt it had a deeper meaning that I needed my attention. I tried to dismiss it away and pout about it, saying, “Lord, when are you going to stop telling me what’s wrong with me? Why do you speak when you want to fix me and when I ask for something, in particular, it’s as if you don’t hear me at all? What is that?” Then I realized when he is silent, all is good. I’m on track. But when I need¬†to get back on track, he needs to get my attention so I don’t stay off track.

Nobody likes to be corrected. But when someone loves you and wants the best for you, they want to help you to be your best. That’s what parents do for their kids.

I had been working on several things since the completion of my books. I have been researching, studying and¬†attending online classes¬†to further¬†educating myself on growing my brand. I have been working on building¬†my author profile and to¬†follow what I believe to be God’s plan for me. But, some habits need to¬†stop.¬†Anything that takes my attention away from my¬†schedule¬†to help me achieve¬†my goals¬†has to be brought under control.

I am aware of the power of God and asking for help in these matters. But I too, after all these years still fall prey to the tricks of the enemy if unguarded. It’s important to keep on your guard all day. That’s where the Armor of God comes into play. We have to put it on. I have to. If you have a purpose, a call on your life, the devil wants to take it from you and he will do whatever he can to trip you up. You will find yourself confused¬†if you are not on your game. That’s if you¬†give in to temporary temptation and not follow God’s plan. And guess what, that is a sure sign you have been duped by the devil, the author of confusion.¬†

So, do yourself a favor. If you make a plan, follow it. If you have a schedule to follow, follow it. No matter how early you have to get up. No matter what delicious meal or dessert you have to pass up. No matter what fabulous pair of shoes that scream at you to buy, don’t do it! Don’t go off the plan you have made for yourself. You won’t see any progress if you give up.¬†

You made a decision. You have a plan. You’ve been working on your plan¬†for some time now, but you may see little or no sign of anything changing. But don’t be fooled. It’s happening. Stay the course. Be consistent in your walk with God. It will be as you planned, but you have to stay consistent and not stop and start, stop and start, stop and start. You’re in it for a reason. Don’t play with your purpose. Be consistent.


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