Purpose For What We Do

Why I do what I do~

In July 2009, I walked out of my home. A terrible mistake that had much consequence that devastated my family, shocked my friends and ultimately ruined my family life I desperately tried to put back together in my own strength, only to be led through years of pain, loss,  isolation and unemployment.

I thought she had full control of my life until one day I realized I had none. I went to the only one who could help me out of the mess I found myself in. At the moment I was given an opportunity to speak to my Creator,  what did I do? I walked away. In anger, frustration and lack of respect took me out on a journey of what I call the “Wilderness years.” It was during these years that I was broken down to nothing only to be redeemed by the one who re-created me, forever changed from the person I used to be to the new woman of God I am today.

My experience in learning how to love the way Jesus intended brought new meaning to my life.

I thought I knew all about love, as many people do, but discovered, by default, I had it all wrong. Through my journey, I learned the true meaning of what it means to Love.  I faced my issues head-on, but not without great ramifications.

Because of the lessons I have learned in those difficult, life-changing years, I know the benefit of a changed life through surrendering to Jesus. I have dedicated myself to helping women who find their self in a similar, life-changing season. It’s difficult to go through it alone, I tell people.

We all have a purpose for what we do. It may take some time to figure it out What makes us get up in the morning, what is the calling in our life, why do we stay up writing or designing or practicing- there’s a reason and a purpose. For me, it was through my mistakes that I found my purpose and the reason and why I want to help others. It’s why I do what I do.


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