I thought all was lost

happinessI thought all was lost. I started back on this blog site having a great time posting my work but then a twist of finances caused me to lose my domain. But I thought I would take a chance to see if it was still there and there it was. Not as I would have liked but it’s still there. I have had to start over on so many things in the last seven years and the thought of one more to the list was too much. I didn’t want to have to start over and write everything all over again. The theme for this blog site is about growing and trusting in what God is doing to change me, in everything.

I have another website for other purposes but this one is more personal. It’s more about my journey and less about teaching. My Website is for that; teaching. My blog, this one is about my journey.

I hope to be more active on this than I was before. A lot is going on, on the other site but I don’t want to ignore this one. I love this one. I love it because I feel more connected. I don’t know why I just do.

I’m just happy it’s here!! Yay!!


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