Sometimes I Do Get Scared

I just had a little scare. I was going over my to do/check list of things I need to do in this course I’m doing, and with the several parts to it I have different checks. I have a calender that I have listed what gets posted today. A book that has a list of what I need to create and prepare. Another page for what lesson gets posted on social media. I have a video log of what goes on youtube, what is for the website only and what is for Instagram and so on. I have check lists for everything. Each day has its list of what gets done for that day. It’s created for order. Most days it’s good. And all my items are checked on time, in order.
But tonight as I was going over videos that I created for instagram, a few were gone. I accidentally erased them. Not that big of a deal. Those are only a minute long. But, as I looked at my calender, I got confused about what I already posted. 

What?! I’m behind! I thought I was a week ahead! I need to pick up the pace! How am I going to do that? It already takes me all day to do one lesson. 

I looked it over again. I looked at all my lists. I looked at the videos to see what was posted. It seemed wrong. There’s a mistake. I calmed down and looked at the dates on the calender. What was supposed to be done yesterday? Okay. Fine. Check. What’s on schedule for tomorrow? Okay, good. It’s ready. So, what’s the problem? As it turned out, I was looking at the wrong week. I was a week ahead as planned. I just looked too far ahead. Whew! Thank God.

So what happened? Nothing. This happens when you are doing everything yourself. You are your own assistant. You are your own director, your own manager, your own everything. It’s the end of the day and I’m exhausted. I experienced what happens to most people who run their own business single handed. But, it’s okay. That’s not the first time I had a scare. The first few days were full of them. But it’s getting better. It was just a little scare.


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