Help! I’m doing a Workshop!


Help! I’m creating my first workshop!


Yes, it’s true. I was in prayer one day and I asked the Lord, “what do you want me to do, now?” Well, he didn’t give me an answer at the moment. but a few days later I was driving on the freeway and I got it. It was coming to me so fast that I had to get out my phone and record it or I’d forget the details. The information was coming to me in bullet points. I spoke it into my recorder as fast as it was coming to me. A workshop. The Lord showed me to prepare for workshops.

I’d done them before in a former job, so I had no problem Doing Them. I just hadn’t been the one who designed and created them. There was already in place the materials to pass out, slide presentations, products to sell were all ready to go, answers to everything I taught- and I didn’t have to worry about anything but showing up. So I have the experience.

This is different. This is my own thing. My personal information I want to share. The thing I went through Hell for, to teach others, help them, give advice, insight, a path to change. That’s my message and purpose. And here the Lord said, “create your workshop and this is what I want you to do.”

Have you heard the saying, if you’re not scared of the task, the dream, the vision then it’s probably not from God? If you’re scared, it’s probably from God. He wants us to rely on Him, not on our own strength. He is to get the glory. Well, I admit. I am scared.Β  I never did anything that was that scary or risky, never. If it got to be risky, my pattern was to quit. That’s why I’m in this dilemma today. Too scared to risk. That’s a sad way to live, I know. So, I have a lot to teach, ha, ha. Really.

Anyway, I’m writing this as part of accountability. Everyone around me wants me to play it safe and not risk too much. They don’t want to see me get hurt, get my hopes up and things don’t work. They mean well but it isn’t encouraging. It’s an easy escape.

Anyway, that is what is on my plate lately. I finished my online workshop. I enjoyed that. Everything about it. To tell the truth, I’d love to create more of those, but I’d charge for it. The first one was free. There’s a lot that goes into creating videos. I did everything in it. Great training for the future, I suppose.

It’s my dream to do this and be very good at it. I want what everyone wants, to be the best they can be. That’s what I want and what I teach; changing through the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.


Here we go…


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