A Story for Right Now~

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A Story for Right Now~

I’ve been waiting for a long time. My life has been on hold or better yet, on Pause. I have not just sat back and done nothing during this time. God changed me from the inside out. I’ve said it over and over again that I am not the same person I was before. I am a new creation and I feel it.
My story is like many others and yet it’s so different. It’s layered as with most people, the story is usually a lot more than people realize. Sharing your story can be scary. You are putting yourself out there and you don’t know how it will be received. People always have an opinion about how you did this or that while having no real idea what you went through. They have an idea based on what you have allowed for them to see or hear. But they don’t know the full story of why or how you got to where you are in your life.
That’s me. I want to share my full story. To be that vulnerable and open to other’s opinions that have no idea what it’s like to have been in my shoes and journey, causes me to pause. I skirted around it as much as I could and, I haven’t been in a position to be so forthcoming. Not yet. So that has made it difficult to share. I talk a lot about what I have learned and the growth of my faith from a point of near zero. There is much to teach and pass on. But to share my whole story is still not the time. It started off as quite a challenge to come up with topics to write about or do a video, but over time it got easier. The Lord has shown me the lesson in some areas that I can share and help others. That’s why in my post they may come off as somewhat harsh, it’s because it’s no joke. I want to help others fix their life before it gets as bad as mine did. Don’t wallow in mistakes or bad, selfish and negative attitudes.

I wrote a book about some of my lessons and I followed it with a workbook. It’s to help people work out their issues through simple, thought-provoking questions. There’s nothing hard in any of it so it’s easy to dive in and be honest with yourself. The more honest you are,  with the help of the Holy Spirit. the better and faster the change in you will be.
Our lives are not in black and white, neither is our story. It changes, shifts and twists throughout our life.  My story of change is a perfect example. I didn’t know the layers and depths until I had been on the journey for some time.

I can talk about:

Fear, abandonment, selfishness,  stubbornness, daddy issues, age, fashion, skin care, makeup, weight gain and weight loss. I can talk about family, marriage, divorce, standing for marriage, giving up, low self-esteem, self-care, faith, Jesus, the fruits of the Holy Spirit, coaching, teaching, and the list continues.

So in these topics, I work. I do my best to give what I have of myself if it will help others. I’m not where I want to be, yet. Some days are harder than others but I keep going. It’s not for me, it’s for others.
I know when we go through life challenges and we make it through, it’s not for us to keep to our self. It’s for us to give away to help others in need. Otherwise, I’d keep all the details to myself. I’ve had many people help me through my stuff. Whether from their books, listening to their story or a few who I have had the pleasure of talking to in person. It all helps.  I know I have a lot more to say and share through video or blog and in a teaching, classroom environment, or on stage. I am giving it as it comes. I am following the Lord’s lead as I bring these stories and topics to light.
We need to be shaken out of the rut we have created. We think we are not doing anything to cause our own misery or unhappiness and blame others. We look outside our self when she should look within.
It’s not the same for everyone, but it is for more than you think. I know. So that is the place I am coming from. God is good. It took me a long time to know him like I do and I think I can help others. I do. It’s what I’m here for, what I’m called to do. And I have come to realize everything I have gone through has led me to here, right now.


Something Good For My Gut


cup of bone broth

Something Good For My Gut

In the process of getting myself together, this new year and all, I decided to start drinking bone broth. Have you heard of it? I hadn’t. It was new to me, but I came across this article when looking for natural ways to heal my stomach pain. I didn’t want to be stuck taking pills the rest of my life so I started looking around. I asked a good friend of mine about what to do since she has had stomach issues herself in the past. I knew she could direct me in the right direction. I was right.
She told me about inflammation and what causes that. I have a history of eating poorly from years ago and it caught up with me. I don’t know about you but when I was younger I could eat whatever I wanted.  There were not any consequences, or so I thought. Over the last 10 years, my poor eating habits have shown the consequences of my choices. The research and knowledge weren’t as available as it is now. But, now that it is, I am reading everything I can to heal myself.
One of the many things I had to change was letting go of coffee. Man! That was hard. It took three days to get rid of the caffeine headache withdrawal. But, as much as I love coffee, it was doing serious damage to my joints. My back was always hurting and I never could figure out why.
But the thing that seemed to make a significant difference was bone broth. I had already stopped eating dairy, sugar, and gluten. I never thought I’d be a person who had to have such a strict way of eating, but as it turned out, it’s exactly what I had to do.
I researched bone broth. I found out it is great for more than just digestion. It’s also great for treating leaky gut syndrome, overcome food intolerance and allergies, boost your immune system, reduce cellulite and the big winner for me is-Improved joint health!
Yes. I found out that I had arthritis. As I mentioned earlier, I had joint pain and coffee made my pain worse and the bone broth would help my joints. I tried some from the local grocery store, which was fine, but I needed a lot. It would be costly to keep going that route. So, I looked up how to make it. It wasn’t hard, just several steps in the process. It takes about 24 hours to make chicken bone broth and 48 hours for beef. I have to say, it turned out good. It’s not something you’d say, oh yum! No. But considering what it is and what it’s for, I was pleased. And, it tasted like the pre-made only fresher. I made enough for 4 days and had back up I put in mason jars, which is recommended.
It has helped my stomach. My gut feels better and digestion has improved. I’m waiting for all the other benefits to kick in. It takes time but since I have to drink it on the regular, I figure I’ll see them soon. The first benefit after a few days was a flatter tummy. I love that! Especially since it’s my birthday in a few days and I’m going out. Yay! Next, I hope to see a difference in my skin. Overall I am happy with this new gem.
If you want more information on gut health and all the benefits of bone broth, I recommend articles by Dr. Axe. He has a lot of information on YouTube, and plenty of other resources on his website.              www.draxe.com

bone broth

Getting There One Bite at a Time

Getting there one bite at a timebread-bites

Sometimes you may think you just can’t make it. You go along doing everything right. Then after awhile, things still don’t seem to be improving and you can’t take it any longer. Despair sets in.

What gets us to that point? You know God gave you a promise, why can’t you keep going? The days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months. Months turn into years. You consider the end. Is it worth it?

In the early stages of taking this journey of change, you want to tell everyone. You hope they will understand why your life is suddenly upside down and they will be a great support for you. After all, you are listening to God and he gave you a promise. But instead, you are receiving indifference. Nobody, not even your believer friends or family understand what you’re going through. They may even distance their self from you. Why is that? Too much of this and you’re ready to quit, why bother- nobody is supporting you.

I understand. I have been there and I am guilty of wanting to quit before it was time. Many years I’ve cried out to God and asked why and when. Two questions I found he rarely answers. We have to trust, period.
I thought I was losing my mind at times. Did I make it up? Did I really hear from God or was it my imagination? Did I call this to myself? No. I’d never wish such hardship on myself as I’m sure you wouldn’t either. But at some point, you made a decision to trust his word and surrender your will and let him lead you. You’re tired of being alone and it hurts sometimes and you want to quit.

So, he gave you a promise. You know how it’s supposed to end but you don’t know what to do in the meantime, right? There is no roadmap. Why? Because it’s a journey designed just for you. That is the way the Lord wants it to be so you can only call on him, not look at how someone else got through it. Sure, there may be similarities but God has something different for you and how you get there. It is by his lead, not someone else.

It’s hard when you feel so alone. But God is there with you. King David was chosen and anointed by God to be the next King of Israel. He was running for his life, hiding in caves for years from King Saul. Saul was jealous of David, yet David could not understand why this man wanted him dead. David knew he could have killed him like he killed the giant Goliath. But because he loved him, he chose to continue to respect him, even if he had to hide. I’m sure he had many moments of discouragement and feeling scared. But he trusted God and learned to encourage himself. David wrote his feelings in Psalms and continued to praise God in the meantime, waiting for his turn. Just like in his youth, he put his trust in God to take care of Saul.

Your time is coming. The Lord sees your heart and your troubles. He won’t leave you nor forsake you, as he promises in his word. In this waiting season, keep trusting him as he leads you. He will teach you what you need for the next season of where he is taking you. It’s like breadcrumbs. He gives small bite-sized pieces that you can digest that will lead you to the next stage of the promise. He won’t overwhelm you, just gives you enough for right now. One bite at a time.

Prepare for Change

Prepare for Change

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Why would you have to prepare for change? Can’t you just jump into it? Well, for some that may be the case. But for others, myself included, it’s a process we need to prepare our mind for. What that means is you have to prepare for what you must do and know that once you are ready you can move forward. It is trusting what you cannot see and don’t understand. Chances are it won’t make sense at the time because it’s a faith journey, period. What you are doing is saying yes to change. Trusting where God is leading you, knowing he’s doing what he must for your own good.

God meets you where you are. You don’t have to be perfect. We will never be perfect so why try. You are who you are, where you are right now and you’re ready. Whatever mess is going on in your life, whatever you don’t like about yourself, he will fix it. You don’t have to worry about how just that he does. He sees you, knows you and he has you. You can be ready for the Holy Spirit to get to work in you and your life. Just say yes.

What does that look like? Surrender. Yes, it’s surrendering to His will and getting out of the way. Getting out of your own way, too.

I remember last year I went to visit a friend to help her get her house ready to put on the market. During that time the Lord was upon me, more than usual. I felt the spirit of God say to me that the Lord wants to do a lot for me and has big plans for me but I keep getting in the way. On one hand, I was excited to hear a direct message to me, yet on the other, I was confused. I thought I had already surrendered my will and let him do his thing. But as I thought about this for a while I realized I was still in the way. I was taking God’s promises and trying to do what I thought should be done. I didn’t think I was still doing that but as I looked at my actions, it was clear. I had to step back and let Him take the reins of my life and lead, direct and light up the path. I had to put trust into everything He wanted me to do. That was surrender, without complaining or my two cents. My mind had to be ready to do this or I’d put myself right back where I had been years before. And believe me, I did NOT want a repeat of that. It took many years to change and I was not going backward.

It was still a process, though. It was something I had to work on for some time because there was still a part of me that was not surrendered. I was strong-willed and that shows up even if you think you are doing the will of God. If you are a leader type of person, it’s especially difficult because to lead, you must serve. I didn’t understand that and this was a long lesson I had to learn; serve his people. Serve in love. I had to wrap my brain around this. I had to shift my thinking from what I used to believe.

Humility is a fruit of the spirit that is strong for this lesson. He will take you there however he has to for the sake of learning this valuable lesson. It encompasses kindness, self-control, patience and in other versions, it’s long-suffering. I had a lengthy lesson in long-suffering. But that’s me. God has a plan for us, a good, specific plan but he cannot use us until we are ready and prepared for the job. That may be within your family, marriage, business, work, church, anything. Only you know what he’s shown you or put in your spirit. But it won’t come until you are ready. That’s just the way it is.

If you are willing to give up your will and let him do a work in you- then you are ready to say yes to his call on your life. You are ready to Embrace the change that’s about to happen. If this sounds like you, then you have prepared your mind.

Philippians 1:6, “…He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Embrace the Change.

Make that Change

mirror mirror

Make that Change

Remember the song, Man In the Mirror, by Michael Jackson?

I’m starting with the man in the mirror.

I’m asking him to change his ways.

And no message could have been any clearer-

If you wanna make a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change.

Perfect words for what I want to say to everyone. If you’re unhappy in your life, don’t blame everyone else and expect them to change before you can be happy with your life. If you want to see change, start with yourself. Look in the mirror and ask what can You do? Where can you start?

Asking yourself to change your ways can be many things. Let’s look at character a minute. What are you known for? Bad attitude? Moody? Judgmental? Critical? Aloof? Or are you known for being nice, giving, kind, thoughtful, patient? Or are you a combination of both? Most of us are a combination of both, leaning toward one side. Which one are you? Be honest. Do you really want change in your life? Do you like how you look? Have you let yourself go? What excuse have you created for yourself to keep from trying or working on you? Has Life thrown you a curve? Are you waiting for that magic pill, or for that morning you just wake up and all of a sudden your problems are solved? Hmmm, let me know when that happens. We’ll write books about it. No, just kidding. What I’m saying is that it doesn’t happen that way.

Life does hit us hard sometimes. We are let down, let go, abandoned, disillusioned, hurt and we are left to cope with it the best we can. But sometimes, we just give up. It’s too hard. It’s painful. You just don’t want to hurt anymore. It can’t be all you. It has to be someone else, too, right?

Well, yes and no. You have to make the decision for change. You have to do it regardless of who else is involved in the situation. You have to look at yourself and see what you can do to help yourself.

What does this mean, exactly? It means you have to look at yourself and ask some hard questions. Simple, but hard because it means being honest with who you really are. Just because you call yourself a Christian does not mean you are a nice person. You may be as mean as a snake, not easy to get along with, short-tempered, rude… you see what saying. So, did you have any part in where you are in your life right now? Honestly? What choices did you make to bring you where you are? Who did you hurt or betray on your path? Were you once a mean person, hurt people, got saved, never really changed and now you are left with no friends? Do you wonder why? Have you been a good friend?

Are you in a rut in your marriage and you want your spouse to change? Look at yourself. Are you separated, divorced, waiting on God to fix it and you see nothing changing? Wonder why?Do you take any responsibility at all or blame others for your unhappiness? Are your kids causing you grief and no one gets along at home and you wonder why?

We have the power to change our life. We can’t change others but we can start with our self and God is right there to help us. He will lead us to what we need to do and this will spill over into other areas in our life, which brings more change.

So start by looking in the mirror and ask yourself to change. Don’t expect others to start. Don’t wait for them to make the changes you need for yourself. For you, it may start with not saying another negative thing to or about anyone. Start there and see where God leads you.

2018 New Year News

2018 celebrateThis is the year! 2018, the year I have been waiting for, the year I have working toward. I have a lot I want to share about the process of changing. It’s much more than we think. And it’s different for everyone. Some go through and need more, but all have areas that could be better especially if you find yourself in the wilderness stage. It’s a lonely time and although it may feel like nothing is happening, believe me, A Lot is going on that you cannot see.
But what do you do at that stage? Give up? Many people do. If you are alone, divorced, empty nester- you most likely feel what’s the point. Why bother. Nobody is around to share your life with so what’s the point? You have given up and have no real social life. Maybe you go to work and go to church but that’s it. You stopped exercising. You stopped caring how you look. You feel like your life is over. Well, it isn’t. You need a jump start. You need to invest in yourself. You need a change of attitude.
In the past, I spoke about the spiritual part to change, but this year I want to go deeper. When we change it affects other parts of our life such as in our health and well-being: foods we eat, water consumption, exercise, skin care, makeup or not, and how we dress. It all matters.
A lot of people know about these things but over time we forget or we stop caring. We can’t find the purpose to take care of our self in the manner of self-respect and loving who we are. That’s the spiritual aspect of change. But there is more.
We may spend a lot of time in our devotionals, which is great, but for many, it stops there. It shouldn’t. And that is what I want to talk about in the coming months. I will continue the lessons on personal and spiritual growth and other levels to change.
I’m not in a hurry to get all this out there. I want to take my time because if you’re doing the work, it will take time. For me, the makeup portion will be fun because I was a makeup artist for many years and I still know enough to talk about and give tips on what is needed, and what is not for your best look and how to go about getting what you need and so forth.
This year I will be sharing more about what I’m going through, have gone through and how I pressed on and did the work- teaching others what I learned so they will gain from my mistakes and from my victories. Lessons we learn should be shared to help others and this year I will do more of that.
I am so excited about this year and hopefully, I can help as many people as God allows. Be open to change. Don’t be scared. It is hard work but it is worth it. You will be amazed at what God has for you if you only believe.

“I know the plans that I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not harm you. “They are plans for your good and not for disaster,  to give you a hope and a future.”        Jeremiah 29:11